About This Lesson

Many doctors glaze over fertility lab tests, checking off that various hormone levels fall into a very wide range categorized as "normal". But normal is often not good enough. 
When it comes to fertility, optimal is key. 
Research shows that when labs are optimized, couples conceive more easily and their babies are healthier too!
Take a Deeper Look At Your Fertility Labs
In this brief free lesson, Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton breaks down how to analyze your fertility labs and uncover hidden clues. You'll learn the best days to take standard blood tests and the difference between normal vs. optimal markers. You may discover some areas in your stats that may benefit from some attention. 
This Free Class Provides:
  • Thirteen-minute video 
  • A PDF Chart to help you analyze your fertility labs
  • Insights on age-specific variables.
This lesson will benefit anyone who has done fertility labs or is thinking about getting their labs done. And please, reach out to me if you have any questions.