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Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton

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Where My Journey Began


At 17 years old, I still hadn’t gotten my period. My first ObGyn appointment had me stressed that I’d learn I had some major health issues. But the doctor didn't even investigate - she simply prescribed me birth control.

“What about when I want to have children?” I asked. “Shouldn't we find out what's wrong and fix it?" 

“There are fertility drugs for that," she answered dismissively.  

I was absolutely flabbergasted. Why was a doctor okay with prescribing a medication that I would have to take for the rest of my life  just so my body could function normally?!?

I knew there had to be a more holistic way to approach health and I wanted to learn all about it. That experience was formative in propelling me to pursued a degree in naturopathic medicine. Fertility was my passion, and I dove into all the research I could find on the topic and was so excited to apply this knowledge in my personal practice.  


My Own Infertility Experience


Still, I didn’t understand just how difficult infertility could be until I faced it myself. When my husband and I were ready to have a child, my menstrual cycles were still totally irregular. I began to track my period and applied what I’d learned in med school to balance my hormones. In about 3 months, I was on a regulated cycle!  But still…we didn’t fall pregnant right away.  If it hadn’t been for my background, and medical training I don’t know how I would have managed. After more troubleshooting, I was blessed to have 4 healthy, beautiful children. 


Supporting You 


In the past 20 years, I’ve worked with thousands of couples all over the country - and I’ve seen the impossible. Couples who were turned away from IVF were able to finally conceive - naturally! Women who had been told they had unexplained premature ovarian failure, and could never have biological children were able to conceive! 

I know fertility can be heartbreaking, pushing you to your absolute limits, but I promise you that there are answers to your struggles. And I want to help you find them. 

I encourage every couple not to take "No" for an answer. Our bodies are so incredibly complex and there are so many ways to improve fertility. No matter if it's just a supplement you need or a medical intervention like IVF, we are here for you so you can realize that dream of having and amazing healthy child. 

Big love to you!

Dr. Jaclyn

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