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Fertility is magic, but it's not a mystery - it's a million little pieces that come together perfectly. At Hello Fertility, we help you understand what pieces matter for you and we provide the guidance and support to improve them. 

6-Week Fertility Fix Program

Transformative and easy-to-follow online program for couples to enhance every aspect of fertility.

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One-On-One Consultation

Work directly with renowned fertility specialist, and founder of Hello Fertility, Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton.

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Practitioner Training

Join our programs and workshops to improve care and outcomes for your patients.

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Our Founder & Her Vision

Dr. Jaclyn was dealing with a long-absent period in her late teens when she realized something was very broken in the way conventional medicine approached women’s health and fertility. She dove into medical school with one question: how to identify the why behind women’s various fertility issues. After years of research, she opened a personal practice where she helped thousands of couples identify their root issues – and fix them. Her success made such waves that many practitioners turned to her to learn her specific methods treating infertility. She now teaches an accredited course on fertility to naturopathic medicine students around the world. Her goal is to spread her knowledge of what works to make infertility a thing of the past. So please, join Dr. Jaclyn, founder of Hello Fertility, in this vital mission!

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Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton,

Naturopathic Doctor & Fertility Specialist

Dr. Jaclyn Smeaton,

Naturopathic Doctor & Fertility Specialist

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Daily Encouragement & Tips  

Learning how to overcome infertility can be overwhelming and difficult to enact. At Hello Fertility we believe It’s much more effective when you learn bit by bit, at a steady pace. The Fertility Minute is a daily email that provides you with gentle guidance and encouragement. You'll build a rich understanding about your cycle, supplements, and so much more. Plus we'll keep you posted about our free, live events that you can participate in.  

Demystify Your Fertility Labs: For Women

Many women are told that their labs are"normal" yet they still struggle to get pregnant. In this free video lesson Dr. Jaclyn helps you understand the most common fertility lab-work and what they mean for your fertility. You'll learn the difference between normal vs. optimal markers, and discover some areas where you can benefit from improvement.

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Shared Success 

Ippolito & Kenzie

"We struggled with infertility for 5 years before working with Dr. Jaclyn. Just after turning 34 years old, my husband and I were told by 2 different Reproductive Endocrinologists that I was in premature ovarian failure and I would never have biological children. They could not give us a reason for why this happened so suddenly.


"With Dr. Jaclyn's expertise and encouragement, my body made a miraculous recovery and we now have 4 beautiful children! 2 sets of twins is a busy house – but we are so appreciative of Dr. Jaclyn and her insight and passion."

Zynthia & Jason

“After almost 2 years of trying to get pregnant, I’d become obsessed with all the testing, lab results, and outcomes. I couldn’t help but to analyze all the medical details to the point of distress. Dr. Jaclyn provided us with the guidance and care we needed to improve our fertility and our chances for a healthy pregnancy. I was able to trust in her to pay attention to the details, while my husband and I refocused on our relationship.

“Today, just weeks away from the arrival of our baby girl, I can’t thank Dr. Jaclyn enough for doing what she does. I recommend her to anyone I know struggling with infertility, without hesitation."

Melissa & Dan

“I struggled with infertility for over two years. I tried conventional medical fertility treatments including medications and IUI without success. Then, I was treated by Dr. Jaclyn for 3 months and conceived naturally - on the first try! I went from a process of getting pregnant that felt like a stressful job, to a clear, individualized itinerary tailored to what my body required. She treated all of me—not just my infertility—and gave my husband and I the support we needed to make our family complete. Because of Dr. Jaclyn, I went from unexplained infertility to becoming the mother of three beautiful, healthy children.”

Kaylen & Dylan

“I wish I would have started working with Dr. Jaclyn sooner! The whole-person approach she takes in tackling infertility is what made all the difference- ordering the important lab work, getting me on the right supplement regimen, diet and lifestyle advice, and more. She is so knowledgeable and we are forever grateful for her care that got us our baby.

Thank you again for everything. We truly can’t thank you enough! 🤍”

Katie & Kevin

“After 4 1/2 years of infertility, 6 rounds of IVF and 5 failed embryo transfers, we were not ready to give up.  To keep a long (but amazing) story short, we finally turned to Dr. Jaclyn, andour miracle boy was born in November 2020. We truly believe Dr. Jaclyn's compassion, thoroughness, and expertise was the missing link. We are forever grateful. Thank you, Dr. Jaclyn!”

 Sheila M.

“Dr. Jaclyn has helped my partner and I get pregnant... twice!   We'd tried unsuccessfully with IVF and felt like there must be something missing.  Dr. Jaclyn definitely dug deeper and helped us uncover & treat it, and we were able to conceive naturally.  We also loved how much guidance she gave us on how to live (eat, sleep, move, etc) to maximize our fertility.  2 years later, we were smart enough to go to her first, and now have 2 babies who fill our life with joy! I'm thrilled to recommend Dr. Jaclyn and her programs and care.”

Motivate Your Inbox With Dr. Jaclyn’s
Empowering Fertility Minute Newsletter

Motivate Your Inbox With Dr. Jaclyn’s
Empowering Fertility Minute Newsletter


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