Oct 17, 2018


Yes, I’m serious!

If you’ve looked into naturopathic medicine or integrative approaches to fertility and been curious, this might be your chance to give it a try!

You might not know, but in addition to providing care for couples, I also do a LOT of teaching. This year, I’m providing an in-depth mentorship to doctors around the country who want to REALLY improve their expertise in fertility. Nutritionists, pharmacists, naturopathic doctors, chiropractors, medical doctors… it’s a really smart bunch.

I am looking for 3 couples who are interested in a free consultation with me, one on one, where you are open to these docs tuning in to watch & learn. You won’t feel a difference in the care I normally provide- we’ll meet by video chat, learn about your fertility journey, and get you on the path to your dream family. Behind the scenes though, you’ll get the pooled expertise of not just me, but a handful of doctors with their own unique perspectives- interpreting your labs, building your treatment plan, answering your questions & more!

Sounds like a dream, right?

You’ll have the opportunity for a first consultation and 1-2 follow up appointments. This is about a $1000 value. Any costs associated with the actual evaluation or treatment (labs, supplements, etc) is yours to bear.


Please email me a bit about your story- a bit about yourself, how long you’ve been trying, if you have been evaluated and have a diagnosis or not, etc. I’ll also be looking to work with a couple who just wants to proactively prepare for pregnancy!

email me at drjaclyn (at) perfectfertility (dot) com

I’ll be replying to the couples chosen only. If you wish to set up an appointment, you can do so here.

Much love to you in your journey!

Dr. Jaclyn

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