I was 17 years old and knew it was odd that I hadn't started my period.  I recall when I went into my first ObGyn appointment, nervous that they were going to tell me something was majorly wrong.  The doctor didn't even investigate- she prescribed me a birth control pill to "fix" the problem.  I remember asking, "what about when I want to have children?  Shouldn't we find out what's wrong and FIX it?" and the doctor replied something to the effect of, "there are fertility drugs for that".

I was totally flabbergasted.  How could a doctor not CARE that a totally normal process wasn't occurring for me?  How could she not WANT to know like I wanted to know what was causing this?  Why was she okay with me taking a medication FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE JUST TO DO SOMETHING NORMAL?!?  And that, my friend, is what led me to a different path.


Thankfully, I found my answers through integrative medicine.  I have three beautiful children today (and am blessed with 3 more through marriage), but, that experience is what sparked my lifelong mission to find a different way for other women and families.  It spurred my interest in an integrative approach, where we use more in-depth testing and patient interview to dig deeper to the root cause, and we always start with lifestyle to correct the problem versus covering it up with medications.  

It's no different with fertility- using ICSI with IVF to fertilize an egg and get pregnant doesn't correct the reason why that process can't happen on its own- it simply overrides it.  While I'm so grateful that we have that amazing technology, I'm dedicated to helping you get to the bottom of your fertility questions.  Solving the problem.  Allowing your body to conceive naturally.


Dr. Jaclyn Chasse is a licensed naturopathic physician dedicated to helping couples conceive naturally.  Her practice, Perfect Fertility, is dedicated to fertility, sexual health and family wellness.  

Dr. Chasse is a graduate of Bastyr University, an avid writer, and international speaker who has taught thousands of doctors the Perfect Fertility methods.  She is Immediate Past President of the both the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians and the NH Association of Naturopathic Doctors.  She's served on several boards including the American Herbal Products Association and many others.  

In addition to doctor, Dr. Chasse's proudest role is of Mother, to a bustling houseful of children and slobbering dogs.  They enjoy any family time that includes cuddles, laughter, cooking, gardening, and travel!



At Perfect Fertility, our ultimate goal is YOUR fertility!  We believe that for the vast majority of couples, fertility is an innate gift- something we are born with.  Today, with stressful lifestyles, poor diets, inadequate sleep and movement, and environmental pollutants, our fertility is challenged.  Add to this the desire of many couples to get pregnant later in life and fertility can become even more strained.  

But, we're here for you!  Our programs can walk you through correction of the issues that are making it tough for you to conceive.  Or, we can arrange a personal appointment to dive into your specific fertility concerns and correct them so that you can grow your family.

Welcome to our family!  Let us help you grow yours!


Just after turning 34 years old my husband and I were told by 2 different Reproductive Endocrinologists that I was in premature ovarian failure and I would never have biological children. They could not give us a reason for why this happened so suddenly.

Looking for some hope we consulted with Dr. Chasse. With her expertise and encouragement my body made a miraculous recovery and we now have 4 beautiful children after 5 years of infertility.

2 sets of twins is a busy house but we are so appreciative of Dr. Chasse and her insight and passion.

Dr. Jaclyn Chasse provided us with the guidance and care we needed to improve our fertility and our chances for a healthy pregnancy. After almost 2 years of trying get pregnant I became obsessed with all the testing, lab results and outcomes. As a health practitioner myself, I couldn't help but to analyze all the medical details to the point of distress. Dr. Chasse took that load of our backs. I was able to trust in her to pay attention to those details, while my husband and I refocused on our relationship. Even after a miscarriage, Dr. Chasse was there for us, offering support and compassion through a very difficult moment. Today, just weeks away from the arrival to our baby girl, I can’t thank her enough for doing what she does. I recommend her to anyone I know struggling with infertility, without hesitation.


I struggled with infertility for more than two years. I tried conventional medical fertility treatments including medications and IUI without success. Then, I was treated for 3 months by Dr. Chasse and conceived on the first try. Because of Dr. Chasse, I went from unexplained infertility to becoming the mother of three beautiful, healthy children.

When my husband and I decided to have a baby, we were full of optimism. We tried on our own naturally for four months. When nothing happened, I began measuring and tracking my basal body temperature to pinpoint when I was ovulating. I did this for more than six months, but did not conceive.  I brought my charts to my obstetrician, who put me on progesterone.  When I still did not conceive after four months, my OB referred me to an infertility specialist.


We remained hopeful, especially when the infertility doctor confidently told us: “I’ll have you pregnant in three months!”  He urged us to move straight into Intrauterine-insemination (IUI). Seven months and $5,000 out-of-pocket later, I was still not pregnant.  At that point, the specialist said that in-vitro fertilization was our next and only option. Facing an even more invasive and laborious medical procedure—this time with a $10-13,000 price tag—we decided to take a break.

Then, I was referred to Dr. Jaclyn Chasse.  In my first appointment, she spent over an hour with me. She looked carefully at my cycle charting binder and asked me many questions about my diet and my lifestyle. Unlike other doctors I had seen, she wanted my opinion, and paid attention to what I knew about my own body. She also ordered detailed bloodwork to assess my hormone levels.

Dr. Chasse identified the root cause of my infertility: luteal phase defect.  For the first time in this long journey, I felt like I not only understood what the problem was, but that I was part of the solution. Unlike other providers I had been to, Dr. Chasse informed and empowered me. She was also realistic, advising us that this could take some time to work.  But after just three months, my cycle normalized to the right length, and we got the green light to start trying again.

The very next month, I took a pregnancy test at home. My husband and I were getting ready to celebrate our 5-year-anniversary, and we had booked an all-inclusive vacation to Jamaica. When I called him with the news, he was dead silent for what seemed like an eternity. Then he yelled, “I promise I’ll drink for both of us in Jamaica!”

One-and-a-half years later, Dr. Chasse again helped us get pregnant and coached us through the delivery of our twin daughters, Mercer and Miranda.

In the end, I went from a process of getting pregnant that felt like a stressful job, to a clear, individualized itinerary tailored to what my body required. Working with Dr. Chasse cost a small fraction of what we had spent on conventional fertility treatments. But most importantly, Dr. Chasse treated all of me—not just my infertility—and gave my husband and I the support we needed to make our family complete.